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Why Should You Use a Character Reference?

Choosing a character reference is crucial for job seekers as companies thoroughly examine candidates' backgrounds, including online presence and work history. Candidates must navigate through various options amidst changing recruitment practices.

Companies look beyond resumes and social media to better understand a candidate's character, work ethic, and how they interact with others. They ask different questions during reference checks based on the job's requirements and what comes up during interviews. So, who should you entrust with the pivotal role of being your character reference?

Ideally, your character reference should be someone who can provide a comprehensive and credible assessment of your professional demeanor, integrity, and suitability for the position. This individual could be a former supervisor or manager who has observed your performance firsthand, a colleague with whom you have collaborated closely, or a mentor who has guided you through pivotal career stages.

Selecting a character reference isn't just about choosing the right person; it's also about ensuring transparency and mutual agreement. It's essential to communicate with your chosen reference and ensure they understand you're nominating them to vouch for your character and abilities. This awareness allows them to adequately prepare and speak confidently about your qualifications and attributes when potential employers contact them. Additionally, informing your references fosters trust and ensures they can provide a genuine and positive endorsement, further bolstering your credibility during the hiring process. In essence, proactive communication with your chosen reference is key to leveraging their support effectively and enhancing your chances of securing the desired opportunity.

Here are some of the information that you should be asking your character reference before putting their names on your CV or submitting their details to HR/Recruiter:

1. Thank them for their time in accommodating your call/email

2. Inform them about the role you are being considered for

3. Ask for permission if you can include them as your character reference

4. Ask for their availability for a phone call to discuss your request further if needed

5. Ask permission to share their details with your prospective employer

6. Check their availability in case the HR / Recruiter of your prospective employer would like to have a call with them

Once the HR/Recruiter completes the character reference checking process, regardless of the outcome, expressing gratitude to your nominated character reference is essential. Appreciating their support demonstrates professionalism and fosters a culture of mutual respect. Additionally, maintaining positive relationships ensures that you can rely on their support in the future, should the need arise again. Building trust and showing courtesy can open doors and pave the way for continued success in your professional endeavors.

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