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To Resign or Not To Resign?

Every employee has the right to explore other and better job opportunities in the market. At the end of the day, as an individual you work for a reason, whether it be for salary, career growth, exposure, or something else. Whatever work you do, it has to serve a certain purpose to you as an individual. And if the work is no longer aligned with your purpose, then most likely you will need to decide – whether to stay or not to stay with your current employer.

However, before submitting your resignation to your manager or HR, there are few things that might be good doing first as a professional employee of your company:

  1. Salary Considerations: If discontent stems from remuneration disparities, initiating a candid dialogue with one's manager becomes imperative. While recognizing the procedural intricacies surrounding salary adjustments within organizational frameworks, proactive communication can pave the way for addressing salary concerns expediently. By engaging in constructive discourse, avenues for potential raises may materialize, preempting the need for external employment offers.

  2. Training and Exposure: Documenting discussions regarding training and exposure requirements ensures their integration into performance evaluations or coaching sessions. While internal resources may pose constraints, exploring alternative avenues such as networking events, professional associations, or online training modules can supplement developmental pursuits. Taking ownership of one's growth trajectory underscores a proactive approach to professional enrichment, transcending organizational confines.

  3. Organizational Practices: Transparency in articulating observations regarding organizational practices fosters a culture of constructive feedback. By proffering insights to managerial stakeholders, individuals catalyze avenues for organizational refinement and evolution. Whether opting to remain or pursue alternative opportunities, the dissemination of constructive feedback underscores a commitment to collective growth and enhancement.

Acknowledging and deliberating upon these facets equips individuals with a holistic vantage point for informed decision-making concerning their professional trajectory. By synthesizing introspection with proactive engagement, employees navigate the juncture of retention and departure with discernment and clarity, thereby advancing their professional journey with purposeful intent.

And if your decision is still to look explore a new job opportunity, please feel free to get in touch with your consultant at Black Pearl or visit our website – to view all our active vacancies.

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Black Pearl is a leading HR consulting and recruitment agency in the UAE and the wider GCC region, covering Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. We have specialist recruitment partners handling various roles from junior to senior positions in healthcare/medical, engineering, construction, property, facilities management, FMCG, supply chain/logistics, defense, aviation, financial services, banking, oil and gas, and government firms. Our unmatched recruitment service aims to help our clients find the best expatriates and nationals here and overseas.


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