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Should you stay in your company or not?

Picture this: the perfect working environment. Does it exist? Well, the truth is, it's like chasing a rainbow-colored unicorn—it's impossible! Even if you stumble upon something close, it won't stay that way forever. Why? Because workplaces are made up of people, and we're all wonderfully different.

As part of the team, your superpower lies in adaptability. Embracing change isn't just about surviving; it's your ticket to personal growth. As our Managing Director at Black Pearl would always say, “it'll sculpt you into an even better version of yourself”.

Now, let's talk reality in the corporate world. The big shots call the shots—that's how it works. If you're not in that position, it's up to you to roll with it or seek new opportunities. Of course, there's another path: communicating your concerns to your direct manager. Yep, your voice matters!

This brings us to a vital point—chat it out with your manager. Respectfully share your perspective and back it up with your awesome work track record. You were hired to contribute, right? If your contributions are flying under the radar, set up a sit-down, lay out your thoughts, and keep doing your best work while you wait for a decision. Patience is a virtue, my friend!

Oh, and here's a pro-tip for those nerve-wracking manager meetings: jot down the important bits! Yep, document the nitty-gritty—action points, deadlines, and expected outcomes. This way, you and your manager are reading from the same page. Smooth, right?

At the end of the day, it boils down to your dreams and goals. How do your current plans align with your career aspirations and personal life? Our survey from May 2023 revealed something interesting: employees with families prioritize based on their loved ones, while the single ones are diving headfirst into career growth and that sweet salary boost.

So, what's your game plan? Keep hustling, adapt like a champ, and never stop striving for what you truly want in your career and life. You've got this!

Black Pearl is a leading HR consulting and recruitment agency in the UAE and the wider GCC region, covering Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. We have specialist recruitment partners handling various roles from junior to senior positions in healthcare/medical, engineering, construction, property, facilities management, FMCG, supply chain/logistics, defense, aviation, financial services, banking, oil and gas, and government firms. Our unmatched recruitment service aims to help our clients find the best expatriates and nationals here and overseas.

Here are some of the active positions we have at the moment:

  • Dental Nurse (Tagallog Speaker)

  • Heavy Equipment Technician (Dubai)

  • Heavy Equipment Technician (Qatar)

  • Senior Network Security (Data Center) - Dubai

  • Senior Technology Engineer - SaaS Cloud - Dubai

  • Technology Engineer Platform - Dubai

  • PostgreSQL and MongoDB Database Engineer - Dubai

  • Internal Auditor - Auditing Firm

  • Branch Accountant (Furniture/Fitout/Joinery)- Sharjah

  • Cost Accountant (Furniture/Fitout/Joiner)- Sharjah

  • Energy Management System Specialist (Power Industry) - Philippines

  • HR Officer (UAE national)- Abu Dhabi

  • Production and Event Manager - Abu Dhabi

  • Consultant Physician - Saudi Arabia

To learn more about other vacancies we have, please check our website -


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