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What makes recruitment a challenging and costly process?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Recruitment is not just about filling the vacant position. It’s more about finding the right fit for your firm; this often involves multiple elements like skill set, experience, education, personality, attitude, current team, job requirement, management request, salary, package, etc.

It’s what your organization wants and needs to fulfill goals; this is different from firm to firm, team to team, project to project, etc.

1. Employer Branding

Often, talented candidates will sacrifice and choose a company with a reputation and widely accepted social branding. This shift will then be seen as career advancement, and it will also provide the candidates with a sense of pride to be working at such a company. So build up a good brand image among your employees, clients, suppliers, and other bands in the market; this helps you attract the best talent in the market, as they have already been interested in your company.

2. Understanding the position.

As much as the right job description is important, knowing the need and wants of the team is even more. You should be able to find a candidate who is the right personality fit. What kind of a person fits and completes your existing team, and what kind of an attitude is important to get the job done are all very important.

This requires the recruiter to understand the candidate, his personality, and the team he is going to join; this is very important so as to ensure that we retain and grow the candidate and ensure the smooth running of its operations.

3. Lack of qualified candidates.

While sourcing platforms provide a great number of relatable CVs, finding a qualified candidate in terms of skill set and experience sometimes can become quite challenging considering the requirements. This is also the reason why we need to start the recruitment process as soon as there is an upcoming opening rather than waiting till the last moment and picking whatever you find due to time constraints.

We find that the last-minute rush not only restricts our options, but also forces us to close the position as soon as possible.

4. Flooding of CV

Most times candidates send their CV just because they find the position relatable and not the entire job description. This adds extra workload and prolongs the process. It is therefore imperative that you analyze the position you are applying for, and ensure the responsibilities and tasks are relevant to your abilities. Also, go to the job requirements and match out all the “must have” categories and a few of the “good to have/relevant” categories. Also, ensuring availability along with procuring the updated CV from the candidate is really helpful, as this will save a lot of time in the hiring process.

5. Eliminating Biase

Even though unbiased hiring is the goal, it is often hindered by internal and external pressures that recruiters are put under. This limits the recruiter’s ability to acquire talent that can help the company grow and advance. Often hiring through relation is highly discouraged in senior positions due to the difficult position that can put the management in later stages and also in ensuring candidate acceptance among team members.

6. Having the right hiring plan.

As much as we cannot follow one size fits all depending on the job requirements, the candidate screening should be customizable and co-created by the technical and management team so as to filter out and find the most suitable candidates. Thus, it is important to have a strategic plan that is relevant to the position and need.

7. Budgeting

This is the most important determinant for both candidates and client; it’s not just limited to compensation alone. Onboarding an employee is a costly process and thus it’s important to make sure we make the right investment.

In UAE, when an employer hires an employee under his sponsorship he incurs legal expenses like, Quota, Visa, Medical test, Emirates ID, Medical Insurance, followed by administrative expenses like, business cards, acquiring IT facilities, external trainings, office supplies etc.

The above are a few of the major challenges in finding your right fit, and it is what makes recruitment a specialized skill, so before analyzing the candidate it is important for management to know and analyze if your recruiter has the required skills and tools to get the job done.

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