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Why is writing a Thank-You email important?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Although not often used by candidates, "thank you" emails can help with the challenging process of getting hired. Sending one can go a long way towards helping you stand out amongst your competitors.

Black Pearl created a short survey and found that employers appreciate it more when receiving a post-interview "thank you" email. And we have listed below the reasons why you should habitually send "thank you" emails on your job-hunting journey.

Leaves a positive impression on employers

Sending a "Thank-You" email after an interview shows the employer an impression of a candidate who is excited to work with them. It also offers the quality of your communication skills and the incentive to follow through.

Shows courtesy and appreciation

When employers receive a “thank you” email, you assure that you appreciate their time for the interview.

Let’s you stand out in the competition circle.

Since not many candidates send “thank you” emails post-interview, by doing so, you will surely stand out from the hirer’s perspective.

Allows you to reiterate why you are the best candidate

This also allows you to reiterate your enthusiasm and reasons why you are the best candidate for the job by highlighting skills you have and skills you are excited to learn. In your “thank you” email, you can use that as an opportunity to highlight any other points you forgot to mention in your interview.

Let employers know that you are still interested.

After the first interview, some candidates may not feel as interested in the position as before. Sending a thank you email confirms your interest in your employer.


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