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Leaving your new employer during probation

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Our company, Black Pearl, is experiencing a high volume of job applicants - with more than 1,500 submissions daily. The applicants come from various industries like financial services, investment, logistics, retail, FMCG, oil and gas, and real estate, among many others. These are job applications from GCC nationals and expatriates from different job levels actively seeking new job opportunities.

Unfortunately, we have seen a trend of new hires leaving soon after joining or during their probation period. This trend has prompted us to investigate and address possible reasons behind the departures. We discovered that a common denominator is the onboarding process - from visa processing to the treatment of new hires during their first few months in the company.

To help companies avoid this costly and time-consuming trend, we want to share the following tips pre-and post-hire:

  1. HR should work with the hiring manager to define the role's day-to-day responsibilities and create a job description that includes monthly deliverables, necessary tools/resources, and goals of the manager, department, and company.

  2. Employers should treat new hires with the respect and consideration they would want for themselves. New employees require guidance to transition seamlessly from their previous workspace to the new one.

  3. Documenting the entire onboarding process can reveal areas for improvement in the system. Create forms, training manuals, and procedures that help to manage and understand the process to reduce inefficiencies later on.

Remember, having a well-documented onboarding process enhances the employees' experience and allows for effective feedback collection and gathering. Suppose your organization requires assistance enhancing your onboarding process; in that case, Black Pearl offers consulting services. Reach out to us by sending an email at or call us at +9712 622 5503

Black Pearl is a leading HR consulting and recruitment agency in the UAE and the wider GCC region, covering Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. We have specialist recruitment partners handling various roles from junior to senior positions in healthcare/medical, engineering, construction, property, facilities management, FMCG, supply chain/logistics, defense, aviation, financial services, banking, oil and gas, and government firms. Our unmatched recruitment service aims to help our clients find the best expatriates and nationals here and overseas.


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