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40 Days Left To Reach Emiratization Target

40 days left until 2023! What does this mean for companies in the private sector based in UAE? This means there are only 40 days left to reach the Emiratization target of 2% set by the UAE government. The ministry recently announced that by January 2023, non-compliant companies will receive a hefty fine of AED 6000 for every month the target isn’t reached, reported by the National News.

To avoid legal fines, it is crucial that companies in the private sector reach the target as soon as possible. Black Pearl has a strong database of UAE nationals from junior to senior levels across different industries, properly screened by our consultants. Black Pearl specializes in recruiting local recruitment. Through our network, we can understand and find the right candidate that will fit your needs and help your company reach the Emiratisation target.

We assess your HR needs and conduct a psychometric assessment as a service for shortlisted candidates. When you partner with Black Pearl, we provide a thorough selection process to ensure that we find the right fit for your company.

  • Map out the current market to research competition and compensation

  • Screen candidates that meet the client’s needs and requirements

  • Identify & shortlist candidates to present to the client

  • Arrange a candidate interview for the client

  • Facilitate documents needed and offer letter

  • Monitor and assist the client with the official joining date of the candidate

  • Provide post service support to the client

We have helped many UAE companies to reach their recruitment needs, click here to view our services. Connect with us at or give us a call at +971 2 622 5503


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